My Newest Adventure

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What an emotional month it has been! Some huge changes have taken place in the past couple of weeks so I wanted to take some time to fill y’all in.

Tomorrow morning I’ll be starting a new adventure with an interior design firm here on Amelia Island. The opportunity came when I was least expecting it (don’t they always?!) and after much prayer and consideration, I decided to follow my heart and pursue a career in a field I’ve ALWAYS been crazy about. I’m thrilled to be joining an incredible team of likeminded ladies, passionate about what they do and passionate about the Lord. And did I mention wildly talented?! That too! I can’t wait to dive in and catch a glimpse of what this next chapter will look like. It’s gonna be good, y’all.

The transition is definitely bittersweet as this means I’ll no longer be serving as the Community Development Director for Emily Ley. I’ve spent the past couple of years with the EL team so saying “see you soon” to these friends was hard. Yes, we all work remote BUT we talk nonstop throughout the week. I’ll always be grateful for the time I spent with this amazing company. H, B, Em, W, D, and G – I’m cheering you on! Ps. No, Emily Ley is not hiring. Sorry, friends!

SO excited to see what God has in store!

xo, mckenzie