My Simple Makeup Routine

Shortly after our wedding, Pearce and I started a journey toward living a lifestyle with fewer toxins. We swapped our foods for cleaner options, used essential oils as much as possible and purchased non-toxic cleaning supplies! However, it took me a while to come around to swapping out my skincare and makeup. I honeslty wasn’t aware of HOW bad the products I was using were. They were cheap and we were on a budget.

Fast forward a few years and I started spending money on organic and all natural skincare and makeup. Sadly, I wasted a TON of money on many many products that weren’t high performing. Shhhhh! Don’t tell my husband! I was discouraged. Enter Beautycounter. Y’all. I was hooked from the beginning and have now been a true believer in the company for years! Not only are the products non-toxic, but they’re high performing. So high performing that they’ve outperformed the store bought skincare and makeup products I was buying before! Take that Clinique, Cover Girl and Maybeline! And did I mention that Beautycounter is a B corp?

I encourage y’all to take a minute and enter the makeup products you’re using into the Skin Deep Database. It might just blow your mind! The Skin Deep Database is a great resource that reveals the chemical ingredients in thousands of products sold on the shelves. You’ll quickly see that some products aren’t as bad as others and you’ll see why each product has received their rating. Please keep in mind though that even the Environmental Working Group cautions against jumping to conclusions about the health threat posed by each ingredient: “Research studies have found that exposure to this ingredient — not the products containing it — caused the indicated health effect(s) in the studies reviewed by Skin Deep researchers. Actual health risks, if any, will vary based on the level of exposure to the ingredient and individual susceptibility.”

YUCK. Simply put, toxins have no place in my home, on my skin, or on my baby! 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women in the US will be diagnosed with cancer. That’s a statistic that has SHAKEN me to my core. I keep that in the forefront of my mind when shopping for personal care products. I love sharing this journey toward clean living with y’all! Ps. If you’re one of my sweet clients – thank you so much for shopping with me! 🙂 I’m so so so grateful for you!

I wanted to share my makeup routine with y’all because it’s not only safer and high performing but it’s SIMPLE for busy gals! Since having AG I’ve had to cut my morning routine down significantly to make more time for am baby snuggles! Fair trade – I’m not complaining! 🙂 This routine rarely takes me more than ten minutes!

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My morning makeup routine:

After applying my skincare routine and waiting a few minutes for it to set…

One. Make a small B on my foundation brush using this Tint Skin Foundation. For reference, I’m a linen shade in the winter months and a sand shade in the summer months when I’m a bit tanner! This is a build-able coverage foundation but it never feels cake-y!

Two. Using the Touchup Skin Concealer Pen I dab a few drops under my eyes and on any problem areas. I then use my weakest finger (ring finger) to blend in a soft pushing motion. I wear the light shade.

Three. I apply Radiant All Over Bronzer all over my face and neck. And if I’m wearing a tank I’ll also dab my shoulders! I know that’s not the “proper” application method but I love the lightly bronzed glow! The Radiant All Over Bronzer is not super shimmery which I appreciate! I wear the dune shade.

Four. Next up I grab my Satin Powder Blush (currently loving guava!) and gently brush onto the apples of my cheeks. It’s highly pigmented so you’ll want to prep by testing a stroke or two on your wrist to determine the ideal shade!

Five. I’m obsessed with my Illuminating Cream Highlighter! I apply over my regular blush for a glow look. For reference, I use the pearl glow shade which is basically clear!

Six. Now I get started on my eyes by apply a bit of shadow on my lids up to my brows. I use the Eyeshadow Duo in the pearl/champagne shade. This is a great everyday shade with just a bit of a creamy undertone!

Seven. Using the Color Outline Eye Pencil I stroke the top and bottom of my lid and then I smudge it a bit using the brush on the end of my pencil. I feel like as I get older I’m using less and less eyeliner but I still like incorporating it!

Eight. Mascara! I’m currently using the Volumizing Mascara but will soon add the Lengthening Mascara to my routine as well. I’ve heard wonderful things about using the duo together!

Nine. Time for the brows! Sadly I started having my brows waxed very young so I don’t have much to work with. The Color Define Brow Pencil helps provide a little structure and makes me feel polished and put together! I’m also pleased to share that Beautycounter just released a Brilliant Brow Gel! I’ve only used it once but will report back later this week on how I’m liking it!

Ten. I always finish off with a lipstick! For longer days I’ll choose one of our Color Intense Lipsticks (currently swooning over 9 to 5 and Garden Party!) but for days when I’m hanging out at home I’ll apply my Rose Lip Sheer! It’s so moisturizing.

Eleven. To set everything I spritz my face with a few sprays of our No 3. Balancing Facial Mist! It’s so refreshing and has helped keep my makeup looking fresh all day long.

love y’all! mckenzie