Let’s Talk Sunscreen & Sunless Tanner

Alright ladies… we all know that our skin is our largest organ. Let’s make sure we keep it protected this Spring and Summer! Not just from UV rays but also from dangerous toxins! It’s about time for safer sunscreens to get their time in the spotlight. I get absolutely giddy each time I see a friend, influencer, or the press mention the importance of switching to safer sunscreens! It’s a big deal y’all!

When it comes to sun exposure, there are many factors that can be a risk to your health.  Many of the products you’re using to protect yourself from the sun may even be causing you more harm than good.  Sunscreen is not only absorbed by our skin, but it also ends up in our mouth and we often inhale ingredients, especially those dispersed by aerosol sunscreens.  Studies show that many chemicals used in sunscreen can be measured in breast milk, urine samples, and blood.

The science: To filter UV radiation, sunscreen includes two different types of active ingredients: chemical and mineral.  When it comes to chemical filters the most common combination usually includes two to six of the following: oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate. The freakiest thing about all of these ingredients is that studies have found they may cause human hormone disruption, as they can interact with human sex and thyroid hormones.  Oxybenzone, which is in 65% of the non-mineral sunscreens in EWG‘s database, is most concerning.  It can mimic estrogen and has a “potent androgenic effects,” also known as androgen blocking or testosterone blocking, effects.  It can also cause allergic reactions and is known to contribute to the detriment of coral reefs around the world.  If it’s destroying coral reefs there’s no way it can be good for us!

I know all of these facts can be overwhelming and downright terrifying (especially if you have a little one in the picture!) but I’m happy to share that Beautycounter has created a product that’s both safer and high performing. Our entire sunscreen line is amazing! Ps. If you’re reading this post before March 28th… you can score a free sunscreen with any $175 Beautycounter order! Such a good time to switch over some of your skincare and makeup products! You can read more about my favorite BC products, here!

You can read more about the WHY behind Beautycounter’s skincare line, here and you can shop the entire collection (we have several sizes and types!) here.

Next up on the docket… I want to share with y’all my latest self tanner obsession! I was a little hesitant to purchase this safer self-tanner because it was nearly twice as much as I wanted to spend and I hadn’t really heard anyone raving about it. A few dozen amazon reviews later and I knew I needed to test it out (partly for y’all!) to see if it was worth the splurge. Months later and I’m here to tell you that it is AMAZING! Works better than the toxic self tanners I was using before and I don’t have to worry about any nasty side-effects! You can grab it here! I also recommend purchasing this mitt for a smoother application. Ain’t nobody got time for nasty orange knuckles!

Fun fact: I worked at a tanning bed in high school and although my skin was the PERFECT shade of bronze…. I had no idea what daily tanning in a salon was doing to my skin! Ew. Ew. Ew. Praise the Lord for nontoxic self tanners!

love y’all! mckenzie