Last year we started a little tradition. The day after Christmas Pearce and I take off on a vacation to recover from the madness (I mean that in the best way possible!) of Christmas, escape our normal routine, and spend uninterrupted time together. It’s my favorite. Last year we went to Asheville, NC and this year we made the trip to Charleston, SC. Why Charleston? Pearce had never been before this trip, I adore the city, and it’s close to home.


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our thanksgiving getaway


Well, hey! I realize that Thanksgiving is now old news but I totally meant to get this post up on Monday. Oops! We had lots of fun over Thanksgiving and I hope y’all did too! I’m actually STILL unpacking (my golly, please tell me y’all take a week to unpack from big trips as well?!) and editing pics from the trip. We took a TON!

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travel diary: savannah, ga


If you’re following along on Instagram or Snapchat (@winsomeandgold) you know that last Saturday my best friend, Catie and I took a day trip over to Savannah to celebrate her golden birthday! Also, who knew golden birthday’s were a thing? I totally missed mine (18th). Savannah is just under two hours from us so the trip isn’t bad at all. Read More

travel diary: jekyll island, ga

jekyll club 7

I’ve always enjoyed visiting Jekyll Island but didn’t quite fall in love until our first stay at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel, for our honeymoon. What was once a winter vacation destination for some of the wealthiest families in the country (think Rockefellers, Pulitzers, and Morgans) is now the perfect mix of historic charm and luxury accommodations. If it’s good enough for the Rockefellers, it’s good enough for me, right?!Read More