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Raise your hand if getting dinner on the table every night is NOT your forte!! Trust me, mine is raised. 

I’m sure by now y’all have heard all about the goodness that is HelloFresh or at least the boxed meal delivery concept. I heard about the service for the first time a few years ago and made a mental note to try it out once we had kiddos. Well, with me no longer working from home and Pearce’s already crazy schedule, we decided to go ahead and give it a shot. #WifeyOfTheYear

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date night

Hey you. Happy Monday! Lately Ive been hearing a lot of married folks expressing how work, kiddos, and plain old business have severely cut into their date nights. That’s terrifying to me (and something I just WON’T let happen) as date nights are my favorite thing ever. Quality time is definitely my love language which means if date night’s go, so does my sanity. (If you don’t know your love language already, you should! Find our yours here!)

During one of my bridal showers, the hostesses asked each guest to leave a note with a helpful hint to to a happy marriage. Y’all wouldn’t believe it but more than half of those sweet notes read a little something like this, “keep dating!” So that’s my plan. Keep on dating until we can’t date anymore.

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