Valentine’s Day Bar Cart

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It’s the month of love, y’all. As if I needed another excuse to decorate something… I’ve used Valentine’s Day as my golden ticket into a bar cart revamp. It was looking a little very sad after I took down our Christmas decor. I can’t have this corner of our hizzle (that’s cool talk for house, fyi) looking like a hot mess because it’s one of the first things you see when you walk in. So naturally when I ran into Target last night (to pick up dental floss and coffee creamer… and nothing else *insert eyeroll*) I grabbed a few things from the target dollar section (aka the dark hole of Target) and wah-lah, we’ve got a decent looking bar cart on our hands. Now who’s coming over for wine and cookies?! 😉

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Christmas Vibes @ The Fussell House


Be warned, this post is MUCH longer than usual. I got a little carried away snapping pics of Christmas details. But somehow managed to forget a few things.. oh well! Our first Christmas in our first home is a special one and I want to remember every last detail. I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to holiday decor – thing tartan, red, green, and a splash of gold. But this year I attempted (baby steps, y’all!) to incorporate a few less-traditional pieces into the mix. Now the pride and joy of this year’s Christmas decor is most definitely the nine foot tall, Caroline Blue Sapphire Christmas tree taking up most of our living room. I love every inch of her. Pearce’s parents cut it down for us on Thanksgiving and lugged it back to our house from GA. They’re the sweetest and we LOVE a good Christmas tree!

Hope y’all enjoy our little holiday home tour!


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Our Christmas Tablescape


It’s almost here! My favorite day of the year is just a few sleeps away. As most of my readers know, we’re hosting the big event this year. First on my list of Christmas prep to-do’s was getting the table set and ready to go. We still need to pop in the leaf and set up a few seats at the bar, but other than that we’re pretty much ready to go. I did a little trial run with the place settings yesterday, these photos are the result of that. I’ve also left all glassware off the table because we’ll be setting up a couple drink stations for easy access throughout the day. Let the festivities begin!


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