Alba Grace at 10 Months Old

Excuse me while I go cry in the corner… I cannot believe I have a 10 month old! Say whaaat?!?! We’re in planning mode for AG’s Beatrix Potter themed first birthday party and with every little carrot decoration or paper plate I purchase I feel a wee bit sad that we’re already here. Of course we’re excited about the big milestone ahead but it’s tough to know those days of snuggling a newborn are behind us.

photos by Michelle Mancuso Photography


Lost an earring back so we decided to take the earring out of her ear in hopes that she wouldn’t lose it. Well we forgot to stick a replacement in there and her hole closed up over night! SO… we have to get her ears pierced once again! #MomFail

Started talking a bunch. Sounds a bit like a combination of Chinese and yodeling! Her babbles are just about the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard! She’s also been saying “daddy” (per usual) “mama” (just once but I’ll take it!) and “up” when she wants to be picked up.

Got some teeth! We’re finally seeing a few teeth break through! Other than a couple of mid-night wakeups we haven’t had too many teething terrors. Praise the Lord! Praying this pattern continues!


Facetime. She loves to Facetime her Auntie M and Yaya and really anyone we can get ahold of! If the person we’re calling doesn’t answer the phone, AG gives me a very confused/sad little look.

Swinging. Homegirl LOVES to swing at the park! She kicks her little fit and grins the entire time! If you’re following along on Insta you’ve probably seen me post a video of this on stories. I can’t help but share! Such a happy little girl.

Playroom Bins. She can now crawl over to the bins on her playroom shelf, pull a bin out AND retrieve a toy! She’s getting so independent. It really is CRAY CRAY to watch how quickly they develop and master skills!


Summer! AG gets to hang with her dad a lot more this summer and we’re all pretty stoked about that! We’ve also got a couple of trips we’d love to take, Auntie M’s graduation, AG’s birthday + party, my birthday… it’ll be a blast! I’m also pumped for beach days! Bring on the beach days! Our family has had a wild 2019 so far so a slow summer will be a welcomed change!


Ordered a set of these labels for sippy cups (just getting into those), clothes, bags, etc! Love the sweet watermelon design!

If you’re still on the hunt for easy easter outfits… The Bella Bean has got you covered! Excellent price point and lots of cute pairings for boys, girls, and babies! Use code SOMETHINSOUTHERN for 10% off your purchase!

I’m eyeing this duffle with the coordinating garment bag! Would be perfect for summer trips!

The Beaufort Bonnet Company just released the cutest daisy pattern! Their PJ’s are my favorite because they’re lightweight and they ZIP (essential!!!) plus the patterns are PRECIOUS. Snag these while you can!

I’ve been researching stroller wagons for months and think the Keenz may be the winner! If you own one and love it would you mind shooting me an insta message or an email!? I’d love to hear some of your thoughts!

love y’all! mckenzie